Best Selling Neighborhoods In Dacula GA For 2017

It's getting close to the end of the year and we thought it would be an excellent time to look back on the last 6 months and see what are the Best Selling Neighborhoods In Dacula GA For 2017. You might remember that we looked at the Dacula GA Real Estate market earlier.   As a courtesy to you we include more than a top 10 because Hamilton Mill and Apalachee Farms will likely also lead the pack due to the number of homes for sale that they have at any given time in Dacula, GA.

Neighborhoods In Dacula  GABest Selling Neighborhoods In Dacula GA For 2017

Hamilton Mill - This the perennial leader in home sales of course.  With 77 homes sold in Hamilton Mill in the past 6 months, it's the clear winner.  The average price of homes for sale in Hamilton Mill that sold was $386K.  Which also tops this list. 

Apalachee Farms - Seemingly playing second fiddle to Hamilton Mill in terms of sales and quantity and frankly publiciity, Apalachee Farms sold 25 in 6 months with an average price of homes for sale in Apalachee Farms coming to $347

Best Selling Neighborhoods In Dacula GA For 2017 NOT Named Hamilton Mill

  1. Daniel Park - We often refer to Daniel Park as Dacula's best kept secret but after reviewing the numbers, it's clearly not a secret to anyone.  With 18 homes sales in 6 months and an average price of homes for sale in Daniel Park at $305K... the cat is out of the bag.
  2. Aplachee Heritage - Not officially part of the Apalachee Farms community, Apalachee heritage comes in with 16 homes that sold and a more affordable price of $256K for homes that sold in Apalachee Heritaget.

    Ivey Chase -  Ivey Chase ties Apalachee Heritage for number 2 with 16 homes sold as well.  The average price of these homes was $301K
    Incidentally, the Stan Jones team sold 16 homes in June 2017 alone
  3. Fairmont On The Park - Fairmont is quickly becoming  a crowd favorite in Dacula, it's convenient to everything and affordable.  With 14 homes sold and a price os $226K on average, Fairmont on the Park ranks 3rd.
  4. Del Mar Club - Del Mar Club (as well as the next two neighborhoods) represent the highway 316 side of Dacula.  Del Mar Club had 12 sales in 6 months at an average price of $269K.
    Neighborhoods In Dacula  GA

    Harbins Landing - With 12 home sales of their own, Harbins Landing (and Harbins Landing Estates) are tied with Del Mar Club.  The average price of homes for sale in Harbins Landing? $293K
  5. Wolf Creek - The original "it" community on the 316 side of things, Wolf Creek had 11 sales wiht an average price of $242K. 
  6. Charleston Park - Charleston Park features the lowest average price of a home for sale with a price of $193K.  At that price Charleston Park sold 9 homes in 6 months.
  7. Apalachee Crossing - The next four neighborhoods all are tied with 8 homes sold in 6 monhts.  Apalachee Crossing homes for sale went for $228K on average.
    Evergreen -
    Not to far from Apalachee Crossing (logistically speaking) is Evergreen with an average sales price of $196K , making it the second most affordable neighborhood on this list.
    Nichols Glen
    - Has an average sales price of $279K bringing it more in line with the overall average.
    Windsong Park -
    Rounding out our list is Windsong Park with an average sold price of $242K

That rounds up our look at the Best Selling Neighborhoods In Dacula GA For 2017!  If you don't see your favority neighborhood above, have a look at the list of neighborhoods in Dacula below.

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