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I Plan To Wait To Sell and Then Buy - This Could Be Our Biggest Mistake?!?

Seller's Market -  Why The Phrase "I'm Just Going to Sit Tight and Not Sell!" Could Be Very Costly

Everyone can agree The real estate market is one of the hottest on record.  The combination of a Record shortage of homes and a Record number of buyers in the market for a home has climaxed into an explosion in home prices.  Why in the world would anyone want to buy a home in this market correct?

Well, you might want to pause for just a minute and evaluate a couple variables before hitching your decision on that wagon.  Could be that decision could be very costly.  Let me explain.

1.  Home prices - in the past 12 months home prices have increased an average 14.1%. What???  A more normal appreciation is 4-6% appreciation.  And most economist are projecting the recent spike to calm for the sake of running fair numbers we will present a more 'average' appreciation. 

Let's use 5% appreciation to help explain what is could like moving forward.  A home valued at $300,000 would cost $315,000 12 months later.  Two years later that value would be approx. $330,750.  That's a cost of $15,000 for one year wait and $30,750 for a two year wait.  (NOTE-Most economist are projecting the appreciation to be higher than 5%)

2. Interest Rates - This is the BIGGEST FACTOR to consider in all variables studied.  Any seller/buyer should study this above all other variables. It's the most costly and the most value add possible to your wallet.  So, let's run the numbers.  3% interest rate on $300,000 home (for this example we will assume $300,000 is the loan amount...

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Open Door, Zillow and Others Cancel Contracts

OpenDoor, Zillow, Etc. Is Terminating ALL Contracts in GA

I keep getting asked the question "Should I use these companies to sell my home?"  There are so many layers with this question it's really difficult to unpackage this with a yes or no answer.  And now, in light of COVID-19, there is a new layer that is adding a new element that may answer that question for us.  You see, all the so called iBuyes (institutional buyers) are leaving town as fast as they showed up.  

iBuyers had a business model around fair price and  convenience to the customer. The fair price part was left for the consumer to discern.  The convenience piece was attractive. No showings. Control your timing.  The cost for this convenience though was sometimes hefty. But i digress.

Now the market is suddenly slowed to a near halt and these buyers are too nervous to 'play ball' during this time and they are terminating their contracts left and right.  Some have reported the iBuyer company Zillow is offering $5,000 to the seller to get out of the contract.  More and more reports are coming in about all investor/iBuyer offers.

iBuyers stop buying homes in Atlanta, GA

So, where does this leave you as a seller?  Well first, if it's very important to you for the convenience, then choose a more local company like  

To get the most for your home it's almost always in the seller's interest to hire a top real estate agent like top performer Stan Jones with Jones Home Group.  Statistically speaking, a seller has...

COVID 19 and Real Estate

Covid Update 19

COVID-19 and The Real Estate Market

Hope you are well and making it through the turmoil caused by the corona virus!  The downtime has been very nice.  At the same time it sometimes brings anxious feelings.

There is much misinformation and lots of good information to learn on a daily basis.  Real estate may or may not be a thought for you right now.  We wanted to keep you updated anyway incase you wanted to know. First, noone has a crystal ball as to what this will do to the real estate industry. Some say it will only stir it on more after this settles down. Some say it will make prices drop drastically. And some fall anywhere in between.

To be certain it WILL have some affect on us and the industry.  If nothing more it was interrupt the next few weeks with the normal flow of showings.   Our offices remain open at the current time and we are continuing to work hard to service all of our clients. Yet our Open status looks different. We are prepared to complete virtual showings, virtual meetings and virtual appointments.  

Everyone is doing their part to 'slow the curve'.  From everything we hear and are learning about this situation the more clarity we are getting to stay home and keep your distance from people for an extended period of time. Then, and only then, will we see businesses/restuarants/etc. re-opening and get back to a more normal flow of life.

The longer it takes, obviously the worse for our market and for everyone.  

The Jones...

Should I Stay Or Should I Sell My House?

Should I Stay or Should I Sell?  

Reminds me of the old song "Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now. If I go it will be trouble but if I stay it will be double."

It's first quarter 2020 and the real estate market has been good for going on 8 years now.   Wow, that's a long time and some project the market to shift again soon.  But...hold that really the best indicator whether to sell or buy a house?  

Yes, buying low and selling high is very important.  What about for most of us who already own a home?  Let's run some numbers and see what makes the most sense.

Running the numbers -

If someone decides to wait to buy a house - 

Home prices today $300,000  Interest Rates today 4%

They wait one year and buy next year - 4% appreciation  Home price $312,000

And let's say the Interest Rates stay the same at  4%  Total extra payments $21,000 over 30 years due to the 4% appreciation of the home.


Here is another example I think I’m going to wait to buy? 

Let's assume Home price today is $300,000 Interest Rates today 4%

We decide to Buy next year - and the home price does not change. It's still $300,000 next year.

But the Interest Rate goes up to 5%

This will result in Total extra payments of $64,210 over the next 30 years

Here is another example - Home prices go up 4% and interest rates go up from 4% to 5%

Home prices today $300,000

Interest Rates today 4% Approx $1541 / month


Providence Club Monroe, GA

Nestled in Monroe, GA Walton County is a sweet gem.  Southern charm golf and community.  Swim and Tennis. Convenient to shopping, dining and major travel.  Come visit us for your taste of the beautiful south.  Providence Club community is a true treasure 


Happy 4th!

As we celebrate our freedom, let us not forget to thank those who have fought for our freedom to give us this day. Have a fun, safe, and action - packed 4th of July with your loved ones.
We have many reasons to celebrate this holiday.
The real estate market is hot! Interest rates are low! And it is a great time to buy and sell.

We love and are thankful for your referrals. If you know of someone who is looking to purchase, sell, or invest in a new home and is looking for professional Real Estate services, let us know. We would love to help.
Here is a Link to all of the Fireworks and other festivities happening in your area this Holiday!

Happy 4th from the Stan Jones Team to you and your family!


How to Maximize Your Home's Value

Today I’ll tell you about three things you can do to maximize your home’s value.

There are three specific things that homeowners can do to receive the biggest return on their investment and get the most money when they go to sell their house:

1. Upgrade your kitchen and master bathroom. These are the top two areas in a home where people spend their time, so they’re naturally the spaces that buyers look at first when thinking about buying your home.

2. Spruce up your curb appeal and landscaping. Since you only get one chance to make a great first impression, make sure that your front yard looks fantastic. It should have great edges, and there should be a nice contrast of color between your landscaping, your garden area, and your yard.

Since you only get one chance to make a great first impression, make sure that your front yard looks fantastic.

3. Modify your floor plan. If you have a wall that you could knock down at minimal cost, do it. If you can add square footage to a particular area in your house, go ahead and do it. Clean, open homes usually sell for more money.

If you have any questions about maximizing your home’s value or about anything else related to...

January Real Estate Market Update for Atlanta

We’ve been in a seller’s market for years, but things may soon be changing.

If you’ve listened to any local news media over the last four years, you’ve been hearing that we’re absolutely in a seller’s market.

However, we’ve done some research and have found that it’s shifting right now toward a neutral market—perhaps even a buyer’s market. We tracked this by using an absorption report that we receive on a monthly basis. On top of this, we’re also seeing an increase in the average days on market for listed homes.

This means that if you’re looking to sell your home within the next three to five years, you should seriously consider getting it sold before the market shifts to favor buyers.

If you have ideas for any video topics we should cover, let us know! Otherwise, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have or for more information. We look forward to helping you.


Wishing You a Happy and Healthy 2019

We hope your 2019 is filled with joy and love. Here’s our team’s message to you.

Happy New Year to all of our clients and friends. We want to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2019. It’s been almost 15 years that we’ve been serving clients, and we’re very pleased and thankful for your support. We hope you and your family have a terrific 2019.


Buyers Provide Great Feedback When Homes Are On The Market

Selling Your Home?  Buyer Provide Great Feedback

by: Stan Jones Stan Jones Realty Team Powered By Virtual Properties 

Buyer don't have to say anything to say a lot.  They are not confused in their silence.

Buyers shop for a home and select 5-7 homes online.  They discern the best handful of homes that could match what they are looking for.  Their realtor sends them homes that matche their criteria.  From this, the buyer has a list of homes to see.

When the buyer visits a home they are ready to purchase. When the buyer sees homes of interest they ask more questions and express interest to make an offer. When the homes matches closely the buyer's criteria the buyer usually is making an offer.

What does the feedback tell you when you are selling your home?

1.  If the home is priced right, it gets offers in the first 2 weeks of listing - usually even quicker than that.

2. If you (seller) are getting steady showings and no offers (or low offers) then it is one of two things causing your home to not sell.  Price or condition.  If the conidition is good...then it's price.  Nothing else.

3.  If you are receiving sporadic showings and not offers, then it is clearly price.  There are no other variables.  Buyers can see pictures online and most of the time they can't tell if there are condition issues. So, the only factor is price.  I've heard some people blame their realtor at this point. I've been around this business too long to know that this reasoning is just not acceptable. Why is it that all marketing is consistent across the board for real estate listed homes.  If the agent is consistently selling lots of homes then it is impossible to pinpoint the realtor to say they are not doing a good job on one home and not another one.  That's hogwash!!!...

Evaluate Your Home Owners Insurance Annually

Get a Review of Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage Annually.  


Because you may have coverage shortages. 

Your Rates may have increased.

There may be better plans this year.



Despite what you might think, though, an insurance review doesn't have to be an involved, time-consuming endeavor. A single conversation or a visit with your agent can help make sure that you're knowledgeable about your coverage and comfortable that your limits are meeting your current needs. 

Here are some ideas on what you might want to discuss:

    • "Does my policy provide enough coverage to rebuild my home today?" 
      Many homeowners are surprised to learn that their policy is outdated and does not provide sufficient coverage to rebuild their existing home. Changes in construction costs (they can vary from year to year), upgrades to a kitchen or bathroom, new kitchen appliances, or updates to a basement can all affect the cost to repair or rebuild your home. For example, new finishes in your kitchen can change your existing kitchen from "standard" to one that's considered "semi-custom" or "custom." Since insurance companies replace lost items with "like kind and quality," it is important to estimate the full cost of replacing finishes, appliances, electrical systems and plumbing systems in determining your coverage.


Words of Wisdom from Preston Murphy..... please read. 

Winter is coming ???? [for the real estate market]. the way, it lasts for YEARS, typically. Longer than many of you have been practicing. 

As you see from the photo, from October 2006 to March 2012 our industry LOST almost 30% of the agent population. 

?? Are you prepared? 
?? Will your business survive the impending shift? 

In light of ‘4 million reasons’, most Realtors are currently relying on two things to prop up his/her business in our current market:

Want a better solution? TEXT RECAREER to 474747 and jump start a new path to a real career in Real Estate.

1?? the most robust market we’ve seen in a decade (not actually skill-based results). You happen-upon someone who wants to buy, sell, or invest in real estate because it’s the “thing to do” & you think your business is growing. It’s not. Don’t get caught in that trap. 

...and, btw, we’re actually on track to close fewer deals this year in the USA versus last year (in case you were thinking things are still on the way up nationally)

2?? many of you are also relying on your brokerage’s marketing department...

Is It A Good Idea For Me To Sell My Home To A Company And Not An Individual

by: Stan Jones                                                                                                                National Real Estate Coach                                                                                         CEO The Stan Jones Team

Selling a home is stressful.  It's likely the biggest investment of a person's life.  Physically moving puts a toil on a person's mind, body, and soul.  Ripping up a person's 'nest' that is layered with memory after memory can be down right overwhelming.  Yet, with this selling a home can be incredibly rewarding as well. Moving to a different area, neighborhood, home style is a breath of fresh air.  New friends in the community.  New layout to decorate and make it yours.

Selling a home can be accomplished in multiple ways. Doing it along by FSBO and hiring a realtor are the most popular.  93% of homes were sold by a professional real estate agent in 2017.

Now there is a new player in town.  The so called iBuyer.  An iBuyer is a company who buys your home and allows a seller to close and move on their timing.  Wow! Now that is nice!  As a seller you get to control the timing.  In tradition real estate that is not probable.

The question is "At what cost does a seller pay for the convenience of choosing your own closing day/time?"

Take a look at the Forbes article about the iBuyer companies (90% choose not to go with the iBuyer... that's 9 out of 10) ...

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How to Make a Competitive Offer in a Multiple Offer Situation

How to Make a Competitive Offer in a Multiple Offer Situation

Competitive OfferIn today’s competitive market, homes can come and go in a matter of days. It’s likely that buyers will be caught in a multiple-offer situation while hunting for their dream home. If you’re looking to move, here are some tricks of the trade that will help make your offer strong and stand out from the rest.


If at all Possible, Pay in Cash

If you’re able to make an all-cash offer, do it. Making a cash offer gives you a competitive edge over other bidders. Sellers love cash offers because there are fewer hoops to jump through before closing. Home buyers who pay in cash can move through the closing process much faster than those who are financing.  Our preferred lenders have the ability to give you a fully underwritten Preapproval letter if you submit documents and start the loan process before you find a house.  This give you the ability to compete as a Cash buyer, thus, highly increasing your Competitive Advantage.

Personalize Your Offerfamily

If a seller has multiple offers, make sure yours Stands Out! We have our clients write their family stories. You could send a handwritten note that tells the sellers all you love about the home and personal details – like how you can’t wait to make the guest bedroom your child’s new play space! If you want to get really personal, include a photo of your family; this will help the sellers put faces to your offer, too! Many sellers want to know who they’re...

Mortgage Interest Rates - How Much Do They Affect Buying A Home?

Mortgage Interest Rates - How Much Do They Affect Buying A Home?

by Stan Jones, Keller Williams Realty 678.467.7554

The Federal Reserve has lifted interest rates, and Chairman Jerome Powell signaled that the U.S. economy wasn’t in danger of overheating. 

Mortgage Interest Rates

What do interest rates do to your monthly mortgage payment?

A $250,000 mortgage amount would look like this

If interest rates rise from 4.5% to 5.5% and the mortgage is for 30 years the total increase in payment for the life of the loan would be approx. $55,185.  

Call us today at 678.467.7554 to learn more how to get qualified for a mortgage and best practice to purchase a home today!

A little about Jerome Powell...

Jerome Powell was confirmed by the Senate in January to become the 16th chair of the Federal Reserve, and occupied his new post on Feb. 3, replacing the successful and widely admired Janet Yellen. The March FOMC meeting will be his first as Fed chair.

The former ...

We Are Committed To Your Success - We are Hiring for many positions

Real Estate Careers with the Stan Jones Team

The Stan Jones Team is expanding. Full time positions in our organization include benefits, a fun atmosphere, and a strong compensation plan. Our company has great culture and is committed to your success through accountability and training. We are goal oriented professionals who are committed to our clients needs and will do what it takes to achieve the highest customer service for our valued clients and exceed our goals for success

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Buyer Specialist

We are seeking a driven, achiever with a track record of success to join our growing sales team. If you are persuasive, enjoy meeting new people and have real estate experience - let's talk! Our Exclusive Buyer’s agents earn well over $100,000 and there is no ceiling on how much you can earn. We offer a unique, unmatched opportunity for you to be mentored & learn from some of the best in the real estate industry. Our ideal candidate is conscientious, articulate, committed, results-oriented, loves to learn & is teachable.

Interested candidates send resume to [email protected]

Listing Agent

We are seeking a driven, high performer with a track record of success to join our growing sales team. The right candidate will desire to be a leader and earn the right to be the Lead Listing Agent. The right person is ready to take the next step...