Stephany Palumbos Duncan

Stephany grew up in upstate New York till she was 13 years old.After that her and her mother moved to Baton Rouge Louisiana. Her first job was delivering newspapers when her step brother did not feel like it. Stephany is new to the real estate industry, but she is not new to working with others or working to make people happy. Stephany loves her koi pond and gardening. To be outdoors is her favorite thing. Stephany’s ultimate dream is to live on the beach and semi retire early so she can be involved with her local community. Charities that she most likes to be involved in are veterans affairs and feeding children. Stephany had had a previous sales couple convince her she should get involved in real estate. So she took a leap of faith and jumped in with both feet quitting her job and going full time into real estate. Stephany has joined a team with the same core values that she has and is looking forward to the world of real estate and everything it has to offer. Stephany is the mother of one son who has is drivers permit and is enjoying having a personal driver. She has been in Barrow county
for over 20 years and is very excited about all the new growth and economy coming to the small towns. Stephany believes she is different from other realtors and agents because to her clients are not just numbers they are relationships for life.